I specialize in brand identity, messaging strategy, copywriting, and editing. Brands, studios, and publishers I’ve worked with: Nike, Adobe, Adidas, Nau, Geshtalten, Fictive Kin, Design Week Portland, Chappet, Sockeye, Blount, Fonograf, and Octopus Books.

The only time I ever babysat was for the family that lived on the end of the cul-de-sac. I was 13 or 14, and the two kids were 7 and 9 or so. I remember how bored and disappointed they seemed by me, so I taught them how to climb onto their own roof. The danger perked us all up, but why did I fail to consider the inevitable consequences? The three of us were still on the roof when their parents came home. The parents had to help lower their own children down to safety. I never babysat again — my reputation in the neighborhood preceded me — but now I’m a freelance writer and editor. If we work together, I promise I won’t need to help any children to safety because of the danger I've put them in.

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I write copy for Nau, a sustainably-minded Portland-based outdoor apparel designer. I develop narrative content for their journal based on brand voice, as well as sponsored content and ad copy. Read my most recent articles in their journal here and here, and an interview with Portland youth activists here in the November issue of Portland Monthly.



I worked as a copywriter to develop an app for a Japanese toy company, Chappet, Inc. I wrote scripts for 20 bedtime stories based on classic children's fables for their interactive children's toy, Chappet, a button-shaped speaker that can be applied to any stuffed toy.  I was responsible for crafting the stories in a consistent voice for an audience of 2-4 year olds. I worked directly with Chappet’s Project Manager and Art Director in revision stages. These fables are each 5-10 minutes long, and were recorded by voice actors in Tokyo. Check out the app on Google Play. Read about the toy on CoolThings.


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For Blount, a Portland-based global manufacturer and marketer of chainsaws and outdoor power equipment, I provided copywriting and strategy work on several projects: naming for their new cutting system, brochure and web copy for their 120V Power Equipment, and scripts for ad copy, including radio and video.