Mary Ruefle Workshop at PUGS

I'm leading a 3-week class on Thursday evenings starting July 6 at the Portland Underground Graduate School on Mary Ruefle's 3 most recent books. It's only $100 to join. You can read more about it on the PUGS website here

To celebrate DeWeese DeWeek, Christopher DeWeese reads “The Atmosphere,” the first poem from The Father of the Arrow is the Thought, in a wind tunnel at the mall. You can celebrate DeWeese DeWeek by watching him do it. And then by pre-ordering the book and reading it in your own wind tunnel at your own mall, or wherever. If you pre-order the book this week, you’ll get free stuff. 


The Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities is using my book of poems, Fjords vol. 1, to teach literacy to some of their adult clients. They’ve been interpreting some of the poems in their art classes. As a poet, too rarely do you get to see the evidence of the work the poems are doing without you there, after you’ve written them, so this news makes me incredibly happy and proud. 

Can you guess to which Fjords poem they belong?