First I call the cows. Then I squeeze pulses of milk from their udders into a cake pan for the kitties to lap. Milk. Milk. Milk. Then I put a bag pipe of metal tubes on the udders because they can suck them even harder. The udders are like long and heavy deflated balloons filled with wet sand. Milk milk. Milk. Then I pour a bucket of milk into a pail of milk. Miiiilk. Miiiiilk. Miiiiiiilk. I pour the pail of milk into a vat of milk. MIIIILK! A baby is crying. Her bottle is empty. A milk truck driver is in a hurry. He is late for work. He gets into his truck. Milk. Milk. Milk. The milk truck driver’s truck is bouncy when he drives so fast. Miyiyiyilk! Miyiyiyilk! Miyiyiyilk! Miyiyiyilk! He is wearing an orange jacket. He pulls out hoses and coils from his milk truck. He screws them onto valves and twists the valves. Milk. Miyiyiyilk. Milk. Miyiyiyilk. Milk. A white hose is now full of milk. The milk truck driver makes a clean getaway. He is escaping from a bad thing that he has done. The baby is still crying. The milk truck driver is in a hurry. There are other white hoses full of milk to pull from his truck and hook up to other valves and there are other valves to be twisted. Like, for example, another man is waiting patiently in a doorway for the milk truck driver to bring him his hose of milk. The baby is crying and crying. Faucets move in circles and go into bottles that are also moving in circles. The faucets shoot milk into the bottles. Bottles of milk fill up other bottles. Bottles of milk become empty bottles of milk and empty bottles become bottles of milk. Milk. Miyiyilk. Milk. So good so warm and white. Milk. Miyiyilk. Milk. Makes everything seem right.