Christopher DeWeese

To celebrate DeWeese DeWeek, Christopher DeWeese reads “The Atmosphere,” the first poem from The Father of the Arrow is the Thought, in a wind tunnel at the mall. You can celebrate DeWeese DeWeek by watching him do it. And then by pre-ordering the book and reading it in your own wind tunnel at your own mall, or wherever. If you pre-order the book this week, you’ll get free stuff. 


Octopus Books is proud to announce its two newest full-length poetry titles: DEAR JENNY, WE ARE ALL FIND  by Jenny Zhang and THE BLACK FOREST by Christopher DeWeese. Both are now available for pre-order and will ship March 1.

If you buy both titles before March 1, we will send you a free title from our catalog. Let us know in the paypal comments which complimentary book you’d want us to send. And, as always, the shipping is on us.