Joe Hall

When I was in Philadelphia on my road trip, I was presented with a version of The Book of Joshua that had been completely re-purposed by my friend, Joshua Ware, and shipped ahead to find me in Philly. I didn’t get a chance to really look at it at that night, but have since spent a lot of time with it. Joshua’s repurposing of TBOJ, which he calls The Book of Joshua Ware, has had a real effect on me, and how I now read my own book. His re-purposing allows me to understand something about my own book in part by letting me see it through his eyes, through a reader’s eyes, so that I’m also able to see it as his book, as a reader’s experience. I have the only copy of this thing, and it is in now one of my most precious books. You can see his collaboration with TBOJ page for page here in this video he made, and you can read far more about his project here that he is calling Immersive/Intensive. TBOJ is not the only book he collaborated with. He also made his own versions of Joe Hall’s The Devotional Poems, Wendy Xu’s You Are Not Dead, Matthew Henricksen’s Ordinary Sun, and Sommer Browning’s Backup Singers