Octopus Magazine


Hey all you Octo-fans, I have two things to tell you. The new editor of Octopus Magazine, Joseph Mains, who is sweating over the newest issue right right now, took some time out to answer a few questions about what’s up for Lit Bridge.

And if you’re an Octo-fan in the Bay area, 3 of our authors are reading Saturday night for the San Francisco Lit Crawl. Ben Mirov, the author of Hider Roser, which will be available for sale for the first time at this reading, will be joined by Claire Becker, author of Where We Think It Should Go, and Rebecca Farivar, author of Correct Animal.


Octopus Magazine is glossing up issue 15 for the web and accepting submissions for issue 16 until the end of this week.

Send your best batch of poems to Joseph Mains at octopusmagazine@gmail.com and get yourself ready, 16 is a very special number.

When you need a writing break, maybe you’d like to reread issue 14 with Brandon Downing, Amy King, Julie Doxsee, J. Michael Martinez and others.


Seanna’s going old skool. Anyone else in the world still rocking this Octopus tee? Circa 2006? If so, prove it.

Also, I got a tart on my sill.