The four of us watched a pack of four wild dogs guard a street corner from the other street corner. They moved liked they had a system. They took turns sitting in the middle of the crosswalk, all the machines just motoring around them. And then toy dogs in the window like tic tac toe next to the Hello Kitty castle. There is a spaceship by the Love River that makes lipslappy sounds, and the kites fly all night. You think the jingle means that ice cream is coming, but garbage is coming. We are in the apartment in the sky now. I can see monkey mountain from here, the ocean, the art museum, the tai chi in the park. Coconuts are falling down around us so we carry straws in our pockets. You tell me you want to double bag the apples. Then you ask if it is ok to double bag the apples. And I say yes, double bag the apples very much.