Happy Hour Workshops (Jan-Feb 2016)

Iā€™m organizing two 6 week poetry workshops during happy hour on the patios at Bar Bar and Sweet Hereafter. One group will meet on Mondays each week, and the other group will meet on Wednesdays each week. Both groups will be capped at 6 people, so everyone will get about 20 minutes of focused discussion of their own work from myself and the others each week. $150 total per person for the 6 weeks.

Wednesdays. Jan 20 - Feb 24. 5-7:30 pm. Sweet Hereafter. (Still available) 

Mondays. Jan 18 - Feb 22. 5-7:30 pm. Bar Bar. (This workshop is now filled)

Email me soon if you're interested in signing up for either Mondays or Wednesdays, or if you have any questions.